Fire safety tips for shops and offices by Elion Technologies

In shops and offices,a higher fire risk are at storerooms, rooms where the photo copying equipment and stationery is stored because flammable liquids may be present and a large quantity of flammable goods are stored with limited supervision. House keeping and ensuring the rooms are keep as tidy as possible will reduce the risk.

Material handling safety tips in storage areas by Elion consultants

Forklift trucks have a high center of gravity and can tip over if not driven slowly and carefully by trained, authorized operators. In addition,materials placed improperly on the forks, or lifted or placed incorrectly, can easily slip. That’s a hazard to the operator and to others in the area.

Fire safety tips for Paper mills by Elion Consultants

Containers should be kept covered. Proprietary safety containers with self­ closing lids and caps should be used where possible for dispensing and applying small quantities of flammable liquids. The lids and caps of containers should be replaced after use. No container should be opened in such a way(eg by punching a hole or cutting off the top) that it cannot be safely reclosed.

Home Electrical Safety Tips by Elion consultant

Make sure your plugs fit your outlets. Never remove the ground pin (the third prong) to make a three-prong fit a two-conductor outlet; this could lead to an electrical shock. NEVER FORCE A PLUG INTO AN OUTLET IF IT DOESN’T FIT. Plugs should fit securely into outlets. Avoid overloading outlets with too many appliances.