Electrical Safety Audit; A Homeowners Guide

Did you know that faulty electrical appliances caused over 20,000 fires? With electricity being an essential part of everyday life, our sockets are frequently overloaded with electrical appliances, and damaged electrical points are left without a thought. This is playing with fire – literally, and should you spot a fault it’s vital that you call in an expert who will fix the problem professionally and safely.

To help you to spot an electrical health and safety risk, we’ve devised the following checklist.

Step One: Electrical Health Check

Double check to see if you have any bare wires on show or if the casing for electrical points is damaged. If you spot any of these make sure you call in a professional and fully qualified electrician. Remember electricity is very dangerous, so don’t go trying to botch it up yourself.

Step Two: Avoid Heat

Kitchen appliances are frequently left to trail across the worktop near hot hobs – this creates a potential hazard. So, make sure you double check that appliances are unplugged or left near hot surfaces. Furthermore, make sure you don’t have wires running across the floor. Not only does this create a trip hazard it also crushes the wire which makes them weaker and likely to break and fray, creating a very real risk.

Step Three: Preventative Measures

Children love to grab and pull at things, and delve into every area of the home – even plug sockets. Don’t let electricity be a risk and make sure you have covers for your electrical points. It may seem inconvenient but it could save your child’s life.

To know more about electrical fault call in our professionals. For Safety, Electrical & Fire Audit consultancy you may visit Elion Technologies at www.elion.co.in

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For Safety & Fire Audit consultancy you may visit Elion Technologies at www.elion.co.in