Safety Consultant

The main objective of safety audit is to carry out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential hazards involving personnel, plant, services and operation method; and to ensure that Safety and Health system fully satisfy the legal requirements.
Depending on the requirements of the organizations, the audit can focus attention on the following aspects of a safety system:
• Safety Management systems.
• Fire and Explosion prevention, protection and emergency management.
• Work injury prevention.
• Health hazards control.
• Evaluating emergency plan if already available.

We at Elion Technologies are leading safety consultant, we believe in nurturing a strong safety culture and we put our continuous effort to provide our clients with a safe working environment.

Electerical Safety Tips for Households & offices

Protect your family from fire and other electrical hazards by using this short checklist. These simple and easy steps will help you to identify and to correct electrical dangers commonly found in homes.

1. Check the wattage of all bulbs in your lights.
• Are the bulbs the appropriate wattage for the size of the fixtures? A bulb of too-high wattage may lead to fire through overheating.

2. Check all lamp cords and extension cords.
• Are cords placed out of the walking areas and free of furniture resting on them? Tripping hazards may result. Also, stepping on cords or placing furniture on them can cause damage and create a fire hazard.
• Are cords in good condition (not damaged or cracked)? Shock or fire hazards can result from damaged cords.
• Do not attempt to repair cords yourself. Take any item with a damaged power cord to an authorized repair center, or safely dispose of the item and purchase a new one.
• Are cords unwrapped? Tightly wrapped cords can lead to overheating.
• Are all extension cords being used only on a temporary basis? Extension cords are not as safe as permanent house wiring. Have receptacles installed where they are needed.

3. Check all wall outlets and switches.
• Are all outlets and switches working properly? Improperly operating outlets or switches indicate that an unsafe wiring condition may exist.
• Are all outlets and switches cool to the touch? Unusually warm outlets or switches may indicate an unsafe wiring condition exists.
• Do you hear crackling, sizzling, or buzzing from your outlets? Call a licensed electrician to identify the cause.
• Are all outlet and switch cover plates in good condition? Replace any missing, cracked or broken cover plate.