Construction Safety Audit tips by

Each employee must understand that there is a certain responsibility they must take to ensure their safety on the construction site. To maintain a level of safety each employee must follow basic guidelines as follows:

insist on receiving and reviewing a copy of the company’s safety and health program and policies before beginning work.
Comply with all established safety rules and regulations on the site.
Immediately report all unsafe equipment, materials or situations to the supervisor.
Immediately report all accidents and or injuries to the supervisor.
If unsure about the proper tools or Personal Protective Equipment needed to complete a task, immediately ask a supervisor.

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Fire Safety audit tips by

Make sure all staff know what to do in the event of a fire. Draw a floor plan with at least two methods of fire escape in every room. Make a drawing for each floor. Dimensions do not need to be correct. Make sure the plan shows important details: stairs, hallways and windows that can be used as fire escape routes.

Test windows and doors-do they open easy enough? Are they wide enough. Or tall enough?
Choose a safe meeting place outside the work place

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ELECTRICAL SAFETY TIPS for Industrial Consumers by

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Ensure that all the controlling switches are opened and locked or the fuse withdrawn before working on any circuit or apparatus.

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Safety audit help you to run your business without heavy loss

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